Climate Change Cannot Be Ignored


Young people have spoken, and the world is (finally) noticing – our planet needs help. Climate change cannot be ignored.

As believers and builders of tech for good, we ask for your support in building platforms to engage millions of people who are right now suffering from climate disasters, with the tools to take urgent climate action.

Your tax-deductible contribution of $100 or any amountwill help us get closer to launch.

Our goal is to launch a Collective Climate Action Platform to unleash a global movement for pro-social action, starting with climate action.

We already have key elements in place: our award-winning hyperlocal social network of AtmaGo, currently deployed in Indonesia and Puerto Rico; plus our newly launched Community Impact Feature, for grassroots leaders to quantify and document their expanding impact.

And, we’ve been building global action platforms for The Nature Conservancy and others. We were proud to bring The Nature Conservancy’s work to life online to enable people to use nature-based solutions to adapt to climate change and reduce disaster risk. We are actively building a coalition of faith leaders who support environmental change through last-mile actions.

Now we need contributions from friends like you to create end-to-end infrastructure to allow resources to flow to “last mile” impact makers – people with world-changing ideas and talent who need resources to make their mark.

Will you join us? 


Meena Palaniappan

Atma CEO and Founder and Ashoka Fellow

P.S. Just let us know if you prefer to give via a DAF. Thank you.

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