eBook: Strengthening Civil Society in Indonesia

MADANI Stories from Serang to Bulukumba. The achievements and stories from organizations and people who are making their communities better.

The MADANI project builds the capacity of local Community Organizations, enabling them to enact change and improve communities.

Slowly but Surely, the City of Gresik is Alleviating its Waste Problem

PATTIRO, Gresik, East Java

Hope for Pregnant Women and Newborns in Bulukumba

Pengurus Daerah Nasyiatul 'Aisyiyah (PDNA), Bulukumba, South Sulawesi

Spatial Planning Creates Conditions for a Bright Future

Perkumpulan Swandiri Inisiatif Sintang, West Kalimantan

Madani Stories from Serang to Bulukumba

Sharing Insights on Effective Civil Society Activities

The USAID MADANI Civil Society Support Initiative was launched in 2019 to support Indonesia in consolidating the role of civil society in democracy and local development.

We worked with 32 Indonesian Civil Society Organizations (Lead Partners) in districts / municipalities from six provinces in Indonesia.

This book shares the stories and achievements from these 32 Lead Partners, about their ongoing and successful efforts to increase their role in development. These stories are written by these Lead Partners themselves through Atma Connect’s training and guidance.

Empower Civic Engagement and Governance

We empower residents with tools and trainings to solve local problems.