We need your help to meet our match of $10,000!

Choose Atma Connect for your year-end giving! With the help of amazing Atma supporters like you, we raised $3,685 through our #GivingTuesday Campaign. We need your help to raise an additional $6,135 and meet the generous $10,000 match committed by our board. If we can do this, we will have reached our goal of $20,000 in individual donations to empower users around the globe.

As the world recovers from record deadly fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and more, we are reminded of the critical importance of early warnings, disaster reduction and community resilience. Atma Connect’s award-winning disaster resilience tool—AtmaGo—helps communities prevent, prepare for and recover from disasters. Your donation will go directly towards these efforts:

  • $5,000 pays for AtmaGo to reach 4 additional communities in Indonesia
  • $1,500 pays for one AtmaGo team member to visit an area impacted by disaster to hold workshops for community members to take collective action in sharing resources to recover, rebuilding, and supporting families psychosocially.
  • $500 pays for citizen journalism training for up to 30 people, empowering individuals to lend a voice to the day-to-day happenings within their communities, and training them on good research and writing practices
  • $250 pays for 20 women to undergo economic empowerment training, using technology like AtmaGo in order to build their financial knowledge, learn business skills, and develop their agricultural endeavors
  • $100 funds an AtmaGo community moderator/ambassador for one month, to share critical disaster resilience and recovery information with their neighbors, and to moderate content in their community in order to mitigate fake news
  • $50 pays for gamification to incentivize more community-based resilience information sharing
  • $25 pays to build awareness with 20 more people about how AtmaGo can benefit them and their communities


Help marginalized communities around the world by making a tax deductible donation today. Thank you to our many supporters who believe in connecting and empowering millions of people living in low-income communities in every region of the world so they can improve their communities from the ground up.

Thank you again!

Atma Connect Team

P.S. Please donate today to help us meet our match!

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